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Sports day

Good morning again!


I cannot leave this until next week as I just wanted to write to say thank you to you all for the support you gave our children to these two events yesterday. It certainly made our Fabulous Friday absolutely totally brilliant for everyone involved!

Camo day is always a massive highlight of the school year and our children (and perhaps the staff....) talk about this event all year round to each other, us as staff team and to any visitors who ask them what is so great about being at RAF Benson Primary Community School. Each Camo day has built on the previous one in terms of activities that each section delivers and, this year again, the bar was raised even more. The children (and I think it is safe to include the staff team as well) had an absolutely great time learning about each section and having much fun along the way. We were also delighted to share this experience with 3 local schools and the nursery.

I want to thank everyone who contributed - especially those of you who, as parents, gave your time to prepare and deliver activities or support in the many other ways to ensure that the day was smooth and fabulously enjoyable for all. It was really lovely to have a chat to many of you out on the various bases, when time allowed, and sincere apologies if I missed anyone or didn't recognise you in your work attire!

And, to bring Camo day to a close, we were SO lucky that, as part of Armed Forces Weekend and their National Tour, the Red Arrows just happened to fly over the school and field giving our very happy children and adults a spectacular end to what was a truly superb day.

One of our main aims at our school is to make amazing memories for our children and it is days like this when looking out across the school playground and on to the fields showed a wonderful sight where the school and community are working together in making these memories that children will remember for the rest of their lives. Many of you contributed in a significant and awesome way to this aim yesterday and I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to you all.

And, as if CAMO Day was not enough, we had 30 minutes to transform from CAMO Day into Summer Fair mode - there is no challenge too big for us with our 'make it happen' attitudes! A great time was had by all and thank you to everyone who supported us - especially to the parents who helped on the various stalls and in the background beforehand to make the event a great success. We don't yet know the total (we were all keen to get home!) but we will know how much has been raised later next week.

Finally, I also want to thank our staff team for keeping going after a very busy day until the very last bit of bunting had been taken off the fence. We are lucky to have a staff team who care so much about our children and are willing, without any hesitation to go the extra mile for them. I am sure you will join me (when it's 5pm!) in raising a 'beverage of choice' to them for their hard work too.

I hope that you enjoy the Armed Forces Weekend. Please know that we are all very proud of what you do as part of the Armed Forces and appreciate you all very much. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!

Best wishes



Steph Fawdry