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Whole School Vision and Aims

RAF Benson Community Primary School
Our Whole School Vision

At RAF Benson Community Primary School we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our children, through happy and successful learning and quality teaching, strive for the highest possible standards in a stable environment where everyone feels, and is, valued.


We aim to engage and motivate our children in exceptional learning experiences, forming a curriculum that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to achieve their highest potential wherever they are.


In close partnership with all members of our Service and other communities we shall endeavour to realise the aspirations of the children and family within our unique and inspirational setting. We will provide them with all the opportunities to participate in every aspect of school life and prepare our children to be honest, respectful, responsible and diligent global citizens of the future.


Per conatum ad astra – Through endeavour to the stars


Our Values


Whilst we look at 22 values across a 2 year cycle, we have three core values of


  • Kindness
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility


Our core values are a driver for what we expect to see in school each day as our ‘minimum value standard’ and the Star of the Week certificates are used to celebrate when children have been spotted displaying these values.


We strive to achieve our vision for our School and our children, and to embody our core values, by looking frequently at what we do and asking ourselves, ‘What is going well?’ and ‘How can we make more of a difference for the children?’



Our children experience a high level of mobility in their education and personal lives. We aim to celebrate the diversity of learning and experience that children coming into the School bring with them by:


  • Drawing on their diverse knowledge and understanding of the world to advance the learning of the whole School community;


  • Seeking to use their skills and interests to broaden our existing approaches to teaching and learning.


We seek to mitigate the disruptive effects of frequent moves by:


  • Having in place clear and effective induction procedures for each new child;


  • Providing pastoral support for new children within each class, key stage and as a whole School, to enable them to settle in quickly and start to make new friends;


  • Providing targeted support for children and families whose learning experience has been substantially different to that provided at our School; or has been substantially disrupted in particular areas by frequent moves;


  • Using effective assessment and tracking methods which enable rapid creation of interim reports when children leave;


  • Providing support for children in the emotionally upsetting period between learning that they are going to leave and their departure from our School;
  •  Building links with other schools to and from which we regularly send and receive children;
  •  Developing contacts with the appropriate RAF sections to enable the School to plan for movement and growth.


We aim to provide a stimulating and child-orientated learning environment; high quality teaching which is well informed, progressive in content and which caters for varying learning styles; lessons which are interactive; and assessment which is formative and promotes effective target setting and progress tracking.


We are firmly committed to the principles of inclusion, enabling all children to learn to the best of their abilities regardless of gender, race, faith, disability, colour, nationality or ethnic/national origin.


We are also committed to ensure that we have a values-based approach to all that we do creating a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops life-long social skills. Included in this is the British values were we teach children more about life in modern Britain and how to become responsible global citizens.