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Special Educational Needs and Disability

At some point through a child's journey through education they may need to have access to extra differentiated provision to either 


  • fill gaps in learning enabling children who may have fallen behind for various reasons to make accelerated progress; or 


  • broaden and extend knowledge and understanding to take learning further.

This page intends to set out the provision we have in place to support both groups of children.


We have two SENDCos at RAF Benson Primary:

Mrs Hastings (SENDCo)

Mrs Haythorne (Assistant SENDco)


The SEND Team may be contacted in the following ways:



Telephone: 01491 836460


Parents who may have a concern about their children are invited to make an appointment with the class teacher and one of the SENCos to discuss concerns and how we can best provide support.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Occasionally children may need to access learning experiences that are different and extra to the curriculum entitlement that all children receive.

Children who need this provision are identified by the parent or class teacher and then steps are put in place to ensure that the child's needs are met.

At RAF Benson Primary we pride ourselves in ensuring there is a strong partnership with parents in supporting the child though this phase of their education and class teachers will speak with parents regularly to inform of updates and progress.

Most children with SEN will have some time with either the Teacher or Teaching Assistant on a daily basis to practise key skills or follow a specific intervention programme. It is widely known that daily practise will have the best result and we endeavour to ensure that this is the case.

Children are assessed at the start and the end of each intervention to show the progress and impact that the work has had and either then remove the child from the SEN register if they are attaining at the same level as their peers or continue with an intervention programme with an different target.


Fore those children needing more specific support for their needs, our SENCos will contact relevant services within the local authority requesting additional support. The link below shows the local offer offered by Oxfordshire County Council in supporting children with SEND.