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Vicious Vikings!


History will form the basis for our topic this term.  We will look at who the Vikings were and where they came from, while reinforcing our knowledge of timelines and key dates. We will discuss the relationship between the Viking invaders and the Anglo-Saxon settlers and will consider the impact of this time on our lives today. Throughout the topic, will study the Viking way of life, considering their settlements, food, markets, weaponry and invasions. We will explore what life was like for children during this period of history, through a link to the book The 1000 Year Old Boy, and will present our findings to an audience.



Art, Design and Technology

Our main focus in Art and D&T will be Viking jewellery for men and women. We will research and evaluate jewellery from the Viking era, considering its purpose and appearance, before writing a brief for our own designs. We will then will design our own pieces of jewellery using the brief that we have created, before selecting materials, making and evaluating a final product.