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Maths Across the School

At RAF Benson Community Primary School we value to views of our pupils and how they feel about their learning. Here is what some of our children said about maths at our school:


I like Maths. I especially like subtraction and column addition. I like doing times table flowers, although the sixes are quite tricky.

Emelia - Year 3


I enjoy doing all the challenges and I really like problem solving as I like solving puzzles.

Callum - Year 3


I like Maths as I like counting to 100 and then counting back down. I like doing column addition too.

Darcie - Year 3

I like addition and division. I like doing Venn diagrams to help me with factors because it makes it easier to understand. I like sharing my answers and finding out different names for addition, subtraction and multiplication. 

Jack - Year 5


I like that it is fun and you learn stuff you need to know - like with money, you can calculate the money you need. I also like doing my times table because it helps me with my division and adding.  I like using the counters and the dice and Problem Solving Friday because it's interesting and helps you to do different operations. 

Lily - Year 5