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Internet Safety

Staying safe online


We have looked at understanding the dangers of taking photos and sharing them on line. 


 We learnt that our feelings can influence what we do and say online and can cause us to forget the consequences of our actions. We all have to be responsible and think about what we are doing and what the impact of our actions could be on ourselves, and on other people.


Unfortunately, there are people in the world who want to harm others and we always have to be aware of this and that’s why it is so important to keep yourself safe online. People can harm us in real life but they can reach us easily online as well. Sometimes people pretend to be someone they’re not.


Be careful about information you share online. Don’t post a picture of yourself in your school uniform, for example, or where you live. Through chatting with your friends online others can also learn where you will meet your friends and when you will be on your own. This is another way in which people who want to cause you harm can find out personal details about your life.


We had some great discussions about this in class and then we wrote what we learnt. 


Remember stay safe online and talk to a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable about a situation.