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Deadly Deforestation

Deadly Deforestation

History and Geography

Children will locate the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe (including the location of Russia) and North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities.  We will identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle, the Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones (including day and night)


Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of different systems within the body.  They will research the parts and functions of the circulatory system and focus on how nutrients are transported around the human body.  Children can explore how a healthy lifestyle supports the body to function and how different types of drugs affect the body. Topics covered in the animals including humans unit include: the circulatory system, transporting water and nutrients, healthy lifestyle, exercise investigation, keeping clean and the impacts of drugs and alcohol.


We will be learning to effectively use the features of explanation texts to write information about the rainforest and the effects of deforestation on our planet.  We will also be exploring persuasive writing techniques used to provide more of a creative, emotional output from an author’s point of view to save our planet. Persuasive writing will enable the children to get their points across using a variety of techniques   In poetry, we will be focussing on implementing and positioning language and strategies from South American countries and bringing their poetry back to life. 


We teach the elements of the National Curriculum through a mastery outlook and with a ‘real life’ element incorporated. This term, our subject learning will focus on:

·Ordering, comparing and converting measurements
·Miles, kilometres, imperial and metric systems
·Areas of triangles
·Areas of 4 sided shapes
·Volume of cubes and cuboids
·Ratio and fractions
·Calculating and solving ratio problems

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