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This week we have been looking at the very exciting time period of "The Normans". We did a quick overview on the Kings that ruled in this time period. We also spent a lot of this week looking at the Battle of Hastings. We recreated the battle in class (which was very fun) as well as recreating the Bayeux Tapestry in Art.

In English, we were looking at William I's Domesday Book. He taxed every Villein and Freeman in the land. We then decided to make our own Domesday Book for modern day, if we were King/Queen, and discussed what we would tax our loyal subjects.

In addition to this we also had a stab at Medieval Football and with a lot of 'pros' in the class it had mixed reviews.


Have a look at the pictures of all the activities we have done this week.

We recreated the Battle of Hastings in the Classroom...

We painted the Bayeux Tapestry

We made our own Domesday Book (if we were King or Queen, what would we charge people tax for?)