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Friday 27th March

Big shout-out to Hayden for doing so much AMAZING writing linked to the animals of the Amazon

Happy Friday everyone. 


I hope your home learning this week has been fun and you have enjoyed doing maths and English work at home. 


Above are your comprehension questions. 


Below is your Problem Solving activity from N-Rich. 

Finally, your last topic lesson for this week is to try and create a poem about the Amazon Rainforest. You only need to write 2 verses and they can either 4 or 5 lines long. I would like to see you try to rhyme  the poem as well. 


If you would like to send the poems in for me to share on the home learning page, like Hayden did with Yesterday's work, I would love to see/read some of them. Please send them to the homelearning email address at school. :)