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Term 6 Egyptians

Our term has got off to a fantastic start with our trip to the Ashmolean Museum. Thank you very much to those parents who helped.

The children were very excited to see some real life mummies and learned lots about the rituals of death and the beliefs about the afterlife.  We also had a good chance to see some hieroglyphs and found out what a shabti was. Already this has resulted in some lovely stories!

This term is essentially about summing up the skills and knowledge we have gathered throughout the year and applying them in our work along with evaluating the aspects of work which we enjoy and those which we find easy or more challenging.

We have some really interesting science this term, finding out about reversible and non-reversible changes in materials. We will be investigating the suitability of materials for making a shelter and finding out all about how the Egyptians moved those giant stones.

We also intend to do some detailed art work and look carefully at the decoration and ornament of Egyptian life. You may even be able to buy one of our hand made objects at the summer fayre (so bring along an extra £1.50)

This is a very important term for year 2 as we assess them before they progress into key stage 2, so ensuring children are happy and well rested and ready to work is vital as we want to provide them with the best opportunities that we can for showing off their very best work!

Please may I remind everyone for the last time this year that toys are not allowed in school, but topic related items may be brought in on Mondays for show and tell. Books (with children's names in) are always welcome as they may be used in topic or reading time.

If you need to talk to a teacher, remember we are always here at 3.20.