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Walk Like an Egyptian

This term, our topic is 'Walk Like an Egyptian'. 



In History, we will be learning about the lives and beliefs of the people in ancient Egypt. We'll start by locating Egypt and ordering the main events of ancient Egypt on a timeline. We'll move onto researching the importance of the River Nile to people. We will also develop our understanding of the mummification process, writing about this in English, and acting out the journey to Afterlife. In addition, we will be finding out about the discovery of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. Finally, we will research different Egyptian gods and goddesses. 



In Art, we will be looking at and making Egyptian death masks. We'll start by looking at different types of mask and their uses. Then, we will be focussing on the patterns used in Egyptian death masks and developing our own patterns. Next, we will explore some different artistic techniques, including collage and paint. Finally, we will design and make our own Egyptian death masks. 



In Science, our focus will be 'Materials'. This will involve comparing the properties of different materials, including their hardness, magnetism and transparency. We will carry out investigations into the thermal and electrical conductivity of a range of materials. Finally, we will test different methods of separating mixtures.