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Green Fingers

Our Sping 2 Topic is called 'Green Fingers.' We will be learning about the following:

As Scientists we will:


Learn how to follow germination advice and plant our own sunflower seeds. We will be labelling the different parts of a flower as well as discussing their functions as well as looking at leaves under microscopes. The children will be sorting and classifying a range of leaves along with understanding the life cycle of plants, discussing pollination and seed dispersal. They will investigate how water is transported in plants using celery and food colouring. Finally, we will be looking at how plants have adapted to the climate they are in and create an information poster on Venus Fly Traps.


As artists and engineers, we will:


Research an artist that works with leaves called Joanna Wirazaka. We will then plan and design our own artwork (leaf) using the art by Joanna as inspiration. After we have completed our artwork we will then be discussing what we have done well and what we could do differently next time to make it even better.



As geographers and historians we will:


Research different plants and trees and how they have adapted to the climate that they are in. We will then find out where they are in the world by using maps and atlases and label them on a world map.



As developers and programmers, we will:


Start this side of the term by learning how to touch type. We will be introducing typing terminology with the children as well as demonstrating the correct way to sit at the keyboard. We will also be looking at how to use the home, top and bottom row keys. The children are also going to be looking into how to write and respond safely to emails as well as adding attachments.