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Summer 1 What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

Welcome to our Summer 1 Topic: 

What have the Romans ever done for us?


Due to the short length of the Summer One term, our summer topic will stretch across both terms. Our topic for Summer One will be Romans in Britain and then we will continue this into the Summer Two term with a focus on Italy and its Roman history. 

In Summer One, we will start by looking at the Geography of the UK. This will include planning a journey to a place in England, carrying out research into historic towns and villages and developing our map work skills. We will then move onto looking at how the Romans affected Britain and our lives today. In History, we will plot events on a timeline, look at the importance of Historical artefacts and use these to build a picture of life in the past.

Art and Design Technology

This term in D.T we will be focusing on materials and structures. We will do this through he theme of bridges. We will start by looking at a range of famous bridge from around the world and how these were constructed. We will then move onto designing and making our own range of bridges to solve specific problems. Finally, we will test our bridges and evaluate their

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