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Time Capsule 60th celebration

On Friday 3rd May we buried a time capsule full of lots of exciting items.

Group Captain Colman and Ros Lester, the Mayor of Wallingford helped the seven Year 6 children, who had been with the school since the Foundation Stage, plant the tree and our time capsule.

A number of items went in to the time capsule such as, Copies of the first few pages of the school log book and punishment book from 1953, voice messages on talking tins from the children and Mrs Fawdry, commemorative 60 year celebration tea towel, newspapers and Benson Bulletin from the day we buried the time capsule and also some items from the Station. 

There was quite a lot to squeeze in to our capsule but we just about managed to seal down the lid! It was packed and protected in an outer box with some catalogues as packing to show how much things cost today.

Each class chose an item to put in the time capsule. Some classes wrote about themselves and what they think the future might be like in 40 years’ time and others put in models of the helicopter that their class was named after.

With the capsule we planted a Salix Integra Hakuro-Nishiki Tree as a lasting reminder of where the capsule is and of that very special day.

The items have been planted in an area outside the Year 6 classroom and the playground so all children will be able to see as they move around the school grounds. We have had a fabulous plaque made to explain to future children why the tree has been planted and to mark the location of the time capsule which we have requested to be dug up in 40 years’ time on the schools’ 100th anniversary.