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Autumn 2 - My Brilliant Body

Thank you to all parents and children for our fantastic start to the school year.

The children have all settled in well and are in a great learning routine! We have already seen some fabulous problem solving in maths and some great extended writing.

We had a very successful class trip to the Botanical Gardens (thank you, Mrs Shave for your help) where the children consolidated and built upon their knowledge of plants and the changing seasons and created a lovely class art work on return.

Autumn 2 - My Brilliant Body

This term we are continuing our investigation into the natural world and exploring how humans are a type of animal. We will find out what makes us the same or different to other creatures and find out about our own needs as living things.


As well as discovering more about the parts of our bodies, we will learn how we keep healthy and safe and discover the effects of balanced eating, exercise and proper hygiene.


Science is the main focus of the term as we discover knowledge through books, internet and film as well as setting up our own investigations. We will develop different ways to present our findings as we share our learning with others.



Then we have Christmas! ( I know- too early to mention!)

Keep looking out on the website for up and coming events. We have the school fair, Christmas productions, puppet show, Christmas dinner and carol concert to name a few. Dates on calendar on website.