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October - Black History Month

Alongside our value of Co-operation this month we look at Black History Month.

During this time, we shall think about the struggles that African Americans have experienced in history and look at their achievements and successes.

Question - Did you know that African American had to sit at the back of the bus many years ago? We are grateful that times have changed and we respect everyone regardless of colour of skin, gender or culture.

Here are some videos that we have watched and discussed in our Assembly.

Black & Proud | Black History Month 2016

Students' Union Bournemouth University presents Black History Month 2016.

Celebrating Black History Month: Because of Rosa Parks....We Can!

Because of Rosa Parks we can face our fears and boldly walk in the direction of our dreams. Because of Them, We Can...Educating & Connecting a New Generation to Past & Present Heroes Who Have Paved the Way.

Black History Tribute "Black Gold"

Because of Them, We Can Photography: Eunique Jones Gibson "Black Gold": Esperanza Spalding