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Autumn 2: Fabulous Festivals

Fabulous Festivals

This term is all about celebrating many amazing festivals.

Some of the things we will be doing are:

Mixing our own potions for Halloween,

Creating Firework artwork for Bonfire night,

Learning about the important of Remembrance 

Finding many different ways of celebrating Hannukah,

And, of course, getting very Christmassy as we being to celebrate this magical time.  


Keep your checking this page for updates and photos of all the fun things we get up to.

Below is this term's knowledge organiser. A knowledge organiser shows the key facts and knowledge that relate to our topic for this term. Every term, we will have a new knowledge organiser.

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On Halloween, we created magic potions in the messy play area. We then had to explain what our potions did.

We had a great time using different techniques to create many different firework inspired pictures

We talked about the importance of Remembrance Day and why it was particularly important in our community.

We learnt about Hanukah and the different things that happen to celebrate it. We made Rugelach, a traditional Jewish Hanukah treat.

We created Menorahs, the special Jewish candles lit to celebrate Hanukah.

We used collage to create Christmas trees and then chose decorations for them.

We learnt all about the Nativity story in R.E. We dressed up and acted it out ourselves.