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Spring 2 - The Secret Life of Pets

This term our learning is going to be focused around ANIMALS and PETS.


Do they really have a 'secret' life?

What do we not already know about them?


We will be finding out all about different animals from around the world and what they need to survive. We will be thinking about which animals are kept as pet and why some are not, as well as how to look after our pets. 


In Science we will be exploring what different animals eat, where animals live and which habitats we have around the school.

What creatures will we find hiding in RAF Benson?  


We are going to get creative in Art and try using different techniques of famous artists to create some beautiful art, some on the computer! 


In geography we will be looking where in the world we find different animals and why. We will look at what physical and human features might attract different animals in the UK and in Africa. We will develop our map drawing skills by creating maps of the different continents and oceans, climate zones and even a map of animals!! 


It's going to be ROARsome!