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May - Resilience

This value will be particularly important for our children in Year 2 and Year 6 this month as they undergo their SATs. We know that they will perform brilliantly however they will need to know and understand how to be resilient.

Developing our resilience will help us in the following areas:

  • Helps us to be confident people and have a positive attitude
  • Allows us to stay calm at times of stress or pressure
  • Helps us 'bounce back' from when we haven't done our best and gives us determination to succeed
  • Allows us to believe in ourselves and our abilities


Where have you seen our children show resilience?

We have used the following videos to discuss resilience in school.

'What is resilience?'

Vox pop featuring young people telling us what they think resilience is and why it matters.

Resilience: Anticipate, organise, adapt

'Resilience' has become a buzzword in international development but, for many, understanding what it really means remains elusive, especially if there is no easy translation in non-English speaking countries. This animation has been created by Christian Aid as part of a range of materials and tools to introduce staff, partners and communities to the concepts that we believe lie at the heart of this relatively new approach in development.