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Spring Term 2: Topsy Turvy Tales

Topsy Turvy Tales

This term we will be looking at Traditional Tales with a Twist!

We will discover what happened to the Three Bears before Goldilocks arrived, learn if the Wolf really was that bad in Little Red Riding Hood and explore what happened to the giant after Jack climbed down the beanstalk. 


Below is this term's knowledge organiser. A knowledge organiser shows the key facts and knowledge that relate to our topic for this term. Every term, we have a new knowledge organiser.  

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Oh, no! The builders have run out of cement, I hope shaving foam works just as well....

Yummy, yummy, yummy porridge in my tummy. We wanted to see why the three bears loved porridge so much so we had a go at making some ourselves.

We have been looking at the Artist William Morris, we used block printing to create our own designs in his style.