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Good Morning!

Thank-you to everyone that has sent me pictures of your learning and what you have been getting up to at home over the last couple of weeks it really brightens my day!

Below is a loose plan of activities that I have created/set on our learning platforms. You can complete these in any order that you like, you can adapt them to suit you, do more/less of a certain activity - it really is up to you. 

Please though, remember to continue reading as much as you possibly can as this is so important to you learning! Reading Eggspress is a fantastic resource for this if you do not have many books at home!

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well - see you soon!


Hello parents and children in Year 3 and welcome to our Home Learning page!

Well...this is strange and exciting isn't it? I never thought I would be setting you tasks and activities though our website. Although we need to keep up with our learning, we still need to have fun - just like we do in class. So, I have balanced our activities with some team building challenges along the way! Children, remember to use your positive growth mindset and work with your parents!

We talk about 'showing off' our work in class and this is a fantastic opportunity to show everyone at home just how well you work. Remember to use your learning strategies along with your lovely, joined up handwriting in your writing books! Also, take this opportunity to work on something that YOU want to work on! This could be a skill, for example learning a dance routine/juggling/touch typing/baking or, it could be a project on something that interests you. Remember YOU should choose this!

Those of you that were in school on Friday will have an 'up to date' list of logins that we are going to be using (In your Reading records) If you were not in, please contact the school office to get these along with a Maths and Writing exercise book. I would love to see some of the pictures of you learning at home. Please use the below email clearly stating YEAR 3 in the subject heading as this will be forwarded to me.

I will be constantly updating this area of the website so please make sure that you check in on a regular basis!Well, I think that is it! Enjoy being at home and take the opportunity to do lots of reading as this is the key to all areas of your learning. Be awesome and make sure that you help your parents hoover, iron, clean the dishes, dust........


Thank-you to those children and parents that have already emailed me though pictures of your learning at home!

I will update the slide show (below) as often as i can so that everyone can see the brilliant work you are all doing!