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Christmas Fair

All classes were given a letter from Mrs Fawdry asking them to make some items to sell at the Christmas Fair. Each class also received £20 to buy resources to help make their festive items they were going to sell to parents and other visitors at the Fair.

The photos below will show you what a fabulous effort they made. There were two competition titles up for grabs - The class with the most money raised and then the class with the most money raised per pupil. This year, our winners were Gazelle and Lynx classes respectively however it was a very close race and the winners were just pence ahead!

Our school choir magnificently opened the event and as they finished, Father Christmas arrived and made his way to his grotto to see all the excited children.

We also must thank our PTA team who worked tirelessly on the run up to our Christmas Fair to ensure that this was a successful event and they were delighted that we raised £1800! Thank you!