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Author Zoom session - Maz Evans

Today we had a zoom call with Maz Evens and she answered some of our questions she was very enthusiastic and very funny 😁. She also made all of us laugh πŸ˜†. It was extremely helpful speaking to her because she is an authorπŸ“•.Maz was being helpful  but at the same time make in it funny to listen to so we don’t get bored πŸ™‚.Maz gave us some good tips on how to start a story and how to keep the readers engagedπŸ“πŸ–Š. She talked about her books and how long they took to write and that it took a lot of years . She also talked about one of her books being about having a temper and that is ok what was helpful to a lot of usπŸ“•πŸ˜‘.

Today in maths we learned about Roman Numerals. To get our mind trained we played a game together and it was very fun and now we all know and enjoy Roman numerals.😍



We did problem v first we did 5 with 5 circle then 7 with 7 circles.  

Life in Ancient Greece

First of all we researched the 5 different features, after that we talked about the features of a non- chronological report then we looked at the structure. Then we looked at the language that was used  before we write up our non-chronological report and edited and finally published it.πŸ“βœοΈ

Olympics in Ancient Greece

Today we are writing about what is was like to be a Ancient Olympian compete in Olympia. There are lots of different sports such as wrestling, running, javelin toss and discuss throw. They traveled very far to Olympia to compete in the Olympic Games.

Battle of Marathon

So we had to do the battle of marathon and we did paragraphs about it and pictures the storyboards are in th pictures to show what we did

it had to be Colourful and describe about it all

so far it was not that hard it was quite easy because you just had to draw some pitchers and write some good description about it all what they done what tack-ticks they did and what they used.πŸ“•πŸ˜ƒβœοΈ

Relative Pronouns

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This afternoon we wrote a song and Mrs McCrindle filmed us on the IPad
It looks the class had a blast. Our song was about Relative Pronouns, a Relative Pronoun is: who, what, where, whose, which, that and whenπŸ™ƒπŸ˜

Maths Place Value

In maths today we were learning to represent numbers to 10,000 and we were using the place value counters. We did differed numbers and lots of exchanging so when we come to add and subtract these numbers we know what to do. 



Bike ability was really fun and we learned how to ride a bike 🚲 on the road. We would like to thank Chris and Gary for teaching us to do this wonderful thing. It was hard on the first day but after a bit of practice we were confident enough to go out on the road.

Maths Problem Solving





So today we had done some math and we played a little game it is were you do three  awnsers and it is then say I had 9 25 and 16 then you have to finger out the numbers that made them πŸ“˜βœοΈ The answer was 0 , 9 and 1


Brass was really fun are teacher was called Mr Brown he showed us with pulse and rhythm!!! Joseph had the monumental trombone and Ellie had the mini Cornett and we got to play a game and the rules were that you have to make a beat and shout your name and when we got to get the instruments we were all hyped.He showed how you play them we got them and he showed us how to play he told us to get are mouth tubes and blowed in to it like bees 🐝 

Topic and Computing

We researched on Sparta and Athens and found out what they did in ancient times! It was pretty fun and we managed to group the information to write part of the report on the computers. 

Tag Rugby

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We had fun, it was hard but we were successful. We passed the ball using our teamwork skills

Maths Problem Solving

The task was to make a coded 100 square but it was a little bit like a puzzle 🧩 and it was also a little bit hard! 

We eventually found a pattern so it was much easier to complete it. 

we had a few try’s before we managed to get the pattern and we got a little bit frustrated but then we found the pattern and then it was a lot easier to work together. 


First we we looked for the number 100 πŸ’― which was kind of easy because it was the only one with three codes and then we found the all of the ones with one code and then that pretty much finished it so then we all worked together and we were finished. 

English 20/09/2021

In English we got a chance to research about these 5 things about life in Ancient Greece!

daily routine 





and we had to write it down on a piece of a4 πŸ“ 


Over the next two weeks we are going to write up a chronological report using the facts we gathered up today.

We had a amazing time!!!!😁

Maths - Representing numbers to 10000

Today In maths we were representing ten thousands. With our whiteboard pens πŸ–Š we drew on the table to make a place value grid and used resources to show numbers up to 10,000. It got a bit messy but we cleaned it up and had fun.πŸŽ‰πŸ™ƒ