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Spring Term 1 - Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon A Time...


This term our topic is all about stories. We will be using 'The Jolly Postman' to explore different fairytales and letter writing. We will then look at different versions of well known stories, including ones where the characters have been mixed-up. Towards the end of the term we will then learn about Roald Dahl and will explore some of his books.


In Topic this term we will look at maps, and in DT we are going to be creating a 3D map of The Jolly Postman's route to deliver his letters. We will use what we know about the characters he visits to decorate the inside of their homes to give clues about who it belongs to.

We will then be looking at chocolate bars to link with 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', looking at combinations of flavours and textures before designing and making our own chocolate bars and their wrappers.


This term's science will be based around applying out knowledge from last term about materials to different investigations and experiments. Some of these may even involve sweets!