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Spring 1: Exciting Explorers on Amazing Adventures

Exciting Explorers on Amazing Adventures

Grab your suitcase and your passport, we are off on an amazing adventure. This term we are going to look at the different ways we could travel around the world.

-From Gondolas in Venice to dogs and sleds in Canada, we will be exploring the different ways people travel in unique places.

-Get ready to time travel back to the past to see penny farthings and steam trains.  

-We will learn all about the brave Amelia Earheart and her daring adventures in the sky as well as Vincent Van Gogh and his railway carriage paintings. 

-From launching our own rockets to creating our own moving vehicles we will be getting creative and as always using our imagination. 



Below is this term's knowledge organiser. A knowledge organiser shows the key facts and knowledge that relate to our topic for this term. Every term, we will have a new knowledge organiser.

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We read The Hundred Decker Buss and the designed and made our own decks. We had to think carefully about what to choose for our wheels and use different tools to attach them.

Brrrrrrr we left different objects outside in water overnight to see what would happen.

We learnt about different transports around the world. Of course, when studying Gondola's in Venice, we had to make Pizza and Tiramisu.

We loved launching rockets into space.

To celebrate Chinese new year we worked together to make Chinese lanterns