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Tudor Week is upon us! 

This week we have been learning lots about Henry VII and Henry VIII - Did you know he had 6 wives? Did you know he created the Church of England because he wanted to get divorced? 

We wrote a Diary entry from Anne Boleyn the day before she was executed. 

We described Henry VIII

And we had a go at Tudor Tennis...

Henry VIII

Henry VIII 1
Henry VIII 2
Henry VIII 3
Henry VIII 4


Tennis 1
Tennis 2
Tennis 3
Tennis 4
Tennis 5
Tennis 6
Tennis 7
Tennis 8
Tennis 9

Tennis Evaluations

Tennis Evaluations 1
Tennis Evaluations 2
Tennis Evaluations 3

Diary of Anne Boleyn

Diary of Anne Boleyn 1
Diary of Anne Boleyn 2