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Our Amazing Adventures!

We always LOVE to hear all about your adventures outside of school and this is no exception! smiley


Maybe you have become an expert on your new hoverboard? Perhaps you have managed to get all the way across your garden on your new pogo stick? Have you baked some delicious cakes? Or learned to paint? Did you find an online violin or piano lesson? Have you shown determination like Michael Jordan and persevered with a new sport?  Have you started a family movie night?


Please do share your adventures with us. We will add your photos and stories to this page.

We may share some too!


Remember that our core values apply everywhere, not just in school. So please do try to help your families at home as much as you can. You could try setting the table, making your bed, washing up or just asking whether there is anything you can do. (Mums, Dads and Carers will think you are EVEN MORE AMAZING! wink