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Term 2 Battles

After much excitement in class, we are now beginning our topic about battles. We will be choosing a different battle each week, beginning with The mythical Battle of Troy, which builds well on our work in year 1 on Greek Myths.
In week 2 we will learn about the Battle of Hastings. Did you know there was a full size Victorian replica of the Bayeaux Tapestry in Reading museum? No me neither. Whilst we do not have a school trip planned this term, we will be making links where we can with local areas and their involvement in different battles. You never know, this might provide a bit of weekend inspiration for filling those dreary autumn weekends. 

See the links for some ideas.

Homework and spellings will continue on the same days. 

Finally, expect your homes to be filled soon with the melodic sounds of Christmas songs. It is our priviledge to be the performers in this year's Christmas play. Rehearsals will begin in a couple of weeks.