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Autumn 1 Deep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle!



We are off travelling this term, led by our geography and science topics. We will be exploring and comparing living things and their habitats found in the temperate rainforests of the United Kingdom, and the tropical rainforests of India.


We are off to the Living Rainforest in Newbury, to experience the humid, constant growing conditions of the rainforest first hand, and will be comparing the plants there to those that we find growing around school and in our own gardens, whilst gaining insight into the huge range of food we get from these areas of the world. Such as the 14.2 million tonnes of bananas grown in India each year!

Investigating microhabitats


Gazelle Class were at their curious best this week investigating microhabitats. They sampled the soil from under objects in the class garden and then recorded everything they found, whilst considering why the creatures lived there and what might damage the habitat in the future.


Rainforest explorers!


Gazelle Class had an exciting and inspiring trip to the Living Rainforest to experience the jungle first hand. They got up close to the plants and animals and learnt about some of the many types of food that we source from the rainforests, such as cocoa, coffee, vanilla and of course, bananas. The children we also introduced to many new -vores – not just carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, but also insectivores, fruitivores and gumivores. Can you guess what they each eat?


They will, I am sure, already have told you all about their favourite animals and characters we met during our stay. Harry the armadillo and Eddie the toucan were very popular!


Back at school, this amazing experience continues to inform our learning with the children still remembering and applying facts to describe the jungle in English, compare India and the UK in geography, and explore living things, habitats and food chains in science.