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Water, water everywhere!

Our topic this term is...

Water, Water Everywhere!


In English, we will be exploring the classic story of The Wind in the Willows, learning about the characters Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad. Children will be empathasising with characters as they learn the features of diary writing, as well as re-telling the classic story from one of their points of view.



Our U.K. geography unit this term will cover a range of physical and human features, with a main focus on rivers and seas. In addition, children will be exploring the countries, major cities and counties that form part of the United Kingdom. We will use a range of maps, develop our atlas skills and will focus on the changes within our local area over time.


We will also explore the importance of water through our science lessons, as we focus on plants and what they need to survive. We will be carrying out lots of practical investigations and developing our scientific enquiry skills.


As we approach the festive season, we will be using big enquiry questions in R.E. to help us explore the festivals of Divali and Christmas.


For more information please look at our Topic Web and Knowledge Organiser below and keep checking back for photos of the fantastic work we have been doing in class!