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Groovy Greeks

This term, we will be learning about Ancient Greece!


We will learn about the main events of Ancient Greece and order these chronologically. We will then find out about the origin of the Olympics and compare these to those that take place nowadays. Afterwards, we will be researching Greek gods and goddesses as well as daily life in Ancient Greece. We will compare life in Athens to life in Sparta. Finally, we will learn about the Trojan War.



We are going to be learning about Greek pottery. This will involve evaluating examples, developing a range of artistic skills and recording initial ideas. Then, we will design and sculpt our own Greek pots.



We will focus on materials this term. This will include grouping materials based on their properties and investigating which are the most effective conductors of heat and electricity. Next, we will find out which materials are soluble. We will then try out different ways of separating mixtures, evaluating which method is the most effective for each mixture. Finally, we will explore why some changes are irreversible.