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Term 6: Treasure Island




This term our topic is 'Treasure Island'. Whilst going on an adventure with Long John Silver and the crew of the Hispaniola in English, we will be exploring islands and rainforests in our geography and science lessons.


In English children will be learning the key features of a story, developing their use of vocabulary to create description and action.


In geography we will be learning all about the Commonwealth country of Malaysia. Children will find out about the countries geographical features and compare them with the features of the UK. Children will explore the food of Malaysia during our annual International Cookathon, where they will create a traditional menu, developing their measuring skills as well as their cooking ones.


In science, children will recap some of their key learning around Living Things and their Habitats. As we explore the Malaysian rainforest, children will look at how a habitat provides for the things living there, find out what animals and plants live in a rainforest and construct food chains to show what eats what!!


We will further find out about the traditions of Malaysia in art, where children will be learning about the art of batik.