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UK vs España

UK vs España

Our topic for this term is ‘Spain vs the UK’. In Geography we will start by looking at the United Kingdom. We will use maps, globes and computer mapping to locate key human and physical features of the UK. After this, we will be looking at the countries that make up Europe, where they are located on a map and what the European Union is. Finally, we will focus on Spain’s geography, its features and significant places. As part of our immersion in Spain, we also be learning about the culture of the country. The class will be learning about how schools in Spain compare to England and how home life is different. We will also be looking at the impact of sport on Spanish culture and the important role religion plays.

In Design Technology this term we will be studying two very different artists: Lowry (a UK based artist) and Picasso (from Spain). We will compare and contrast their work before evaluating it. After this, we will look at their lives and legacies. Finally, we will produce our own artwork in these artists’ styles.