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Summer 1 Term - We are Scientists

Dear Parents,


Last term was a fantastic, successful term full of enthusiastic and active learning! We finished the term with an extremely successful trip which the children (and adults) loved!


This term is the term where we have the opportunity to share all the things we have learnt in Key Stage 1 so far. We have a real focus on English, Maths and Science and use our growing knowledge and skills to learn more deeply through exploration and discovery.


Keep practising those basic skills at home with daily reading- asking your child questions to check their understanding and their ability to find the answer in the book, as well as spotting the noun, verb, adjective and adverb in their reading.


Want to help with maths? Those CGP books bought at the beginning of the year will help. You don't have them (or have finished them)? Then do come and see us and we can always provide you with some practice sheets if you want to help your child consolidate their knowledge.



In science we will hopefully be developing a more realistic perception of the role and purpose of the scientist and finding out about different types of science within our own experiences. If you use science in your work place, why not share this with your child? We will be building a wall of scientists with photos and a little bit off information. We would love some parents up there! (If you don't want a photo, I'm sure your child would love to draw a portrait of you.)


We already have lots of budding scientists in our class as so many children were able to speak so enthusiastically and knowledgably about space, gravity and the moon- so we have high hopes for another fun and inspiring topic!


Thank you as always for your support and we hope to see you all at the end of term for a sharing session.