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Forest School

Each week, whatever the weather, a group of very excited children head off to the nearby woods. On arrival, they spend the afternoon creating, collaborating and having fun!

Forest School is an activity that we believe supports positive well being in our children and promotes self esteem and confidence. The experience allows children to have 'hands-on' opportunities that they may not be able to have at school or home.


The sessions are not activity based but instead are led by the interests of the learners. Children may enjoy such experiences as building shelters, woodland craftwork, telling stories, cooking over fires, climbing trees, hunting for minibeasts and making mud pies. As the programme develops woodland tools are introduced to extend learning and provide new opportunities for risk management.


The concept was developed in Scandinavia, and operates on the principle that children of all ages benefit from the learning opportunities present in a woodland environment. They found that by taking the majority of their learning outdoors, whatever the weather, their children became resilient, confident and independent learners.