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Gazelle - Year 2

Welcome to Gazelle Class - Year 2

Your teacher will be Mr Lambert, who makes it his mission to create a classroom atmosphere that is supportive, inspiring and fun. He will be helped to fulfil this mission by Mrs McCrindle who shares this vision.

This year we have some exciting topics that we will be learning about. They are;
Term 1 - The Egyptians
Term 2 - Let's Celebrate
Term 3 - Topicasaurus Rex
Term 4 - Hunting through Habitats
Term 5 - Night-time
Term 6 - Sweet Like Chocolate

This term

Our topic this term is 'Night-time'.  There are 5 house points to each child that can tell me how many days it takes for the Earth to go round the sun once.

The children have come up with a list of questions that want to find answers to, including;
  1. What happens to the stars in the daytime?
  2. What animals are nocturnal?
  3. Why does the moon change shape?
  4. Can we see in the dark?
  5. What materials are good for blocking out light?
  6. What is in space?


All other information about term 5 can be found in the Curriculum Brochure, which can be found in the documents section below.