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Oxfordshire Teaching School Alliance

We have joined the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance (OTSA) to help us become an outward facing school to develop ourselves so that we can provide the very best for the children at our school.


The benefits of joining OTSA for us are:


1. Initial Teacher Training

  • select applicants for teacher training who are right for your school
  • participate in innovative school led and school based teacher training access a pool of high quality NQTs seeking employment within the alliance


​2. Research and Development

  • priority access to funded research and development opportunities
  • engage in school based research in collaboration with world class universities   
  • work with other schools and share outcomes of action research to improve teaching and learning


3. CPD and Leadership Development

  • priority booking and discounts on OTSA courses and CPD programmes
  • develop your own CPD with marketing and administration managed by OTSA
  • access a wide range of school based CPD opportunities through a personalised ‘alert’ system


4. Succession Planning and Talent Management

  • priority booking and discounts on OTSA Leadership Development programmes
  • access a database of leadership programme alumni looking for leadership positions
  • opportunities for staff to explore their leadership potential


5. Specialist Leaders of Education

  • priority access to school to school support from Specialist leaders of Education (SLEs)
  • benefit from the expertise of others to develop your own school’s practice
  • the opportunity for staff to gain experience outside of their own school or partnership


6. School to School Support

  • priority access to school to school support from a pool of NLGs, NLEs, LLEs and subject experts
  • priority access to a range of school improvement programmes, e.g. peer review 
  • generate income for your school through school to school support expert deployments


7. NQT Induction

  • access a high quality, good value, NQT Induction support package that is responsive to needs
  • access a range of high quality school and university led NQT training
  • discounted rate for the induction support package and selected training


8. Professional Learning Networks

  • participate in establishing and co-ordinating a range of Professional Learning Networks
  • exchange knowledge and skills across schools, universities and other organisations
  • access peer to peer professional development, support and challenge