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History at home

This term, Merlin have lots of exciting and interesting subjects to study.

Here are some highlights of what we will be learning …


This term, in history, we are going to be studying RAF Benson.  We will learn about the significance of RAF Benson in local history.  We will also be exploring the role of RAF Benson during WWII.  We will compare and contrast RAF Benson in the past and present. We will also explore contributions of key individuals associated with the base and then work towards explaining RAF Benson’s historical importance ready for our parent exhibition at the end of the term.  We look forward to hearing what your children already know!  We are hoping to have a class visit to the RAF Benson museum to support our learning.


In English, we will be using the text ‘When the sky falls’ which is inspired by a true story by Phil Earle.  The story is set in 1941 and war is raging.  This is a fabulous book following Joseph who was sent to the city where bombers ruled the sky. We will be having a letter and recount focus with a grammar focus of punctuation and sentence starters. 


In maths, we are going to be learning about perimeter and area and shape.  We will look at perimeter of rectangles, rectilinear shapes and polygons.  We will learn how to calculate the area of rectangles and compound shapes.  We will move onto classifying, estimating and measuring angles then look at calculating angles around a point and a straight line.


In science, this term, children will learn about forces.  Isaac Newton is famously thought to have developed his theory of gravity when he saw an apple fall to the ground from an apple tree.  We will learn about mass - how much matter is inside an object. It is measured in kilograms (kg).  Weight is how strongly gravity is pulling an object down. It is measured in newtons (N). The children will learn that water resistance and air resistance are forms of friction. Friction is sometimes helpful and sometimes unhelpful. For example, air resistance is helpful as it stops the skydiver hitting the ground at high speed. Friction on a bike chain can make the bike harder to pedal so it can be unhelpful.  We will learn more about cogs, pulleys and levers.


In our PE lessons, we will be focussing on swimming and athletics this term.  The focus will be on running, jumping and throwing skills which will develop our speed and endurance.

On Tuesday 30th April, Merlin class had a school trip to the RAF Benson museum (located to the right of the Officer's mess). We went to the museum to support our learning in the base's local history. We learnt so many interesting facts because our guide was so knowledgeable.