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Letter for Parents from Public Health England - 23 September 2020



Autumn is that time of year where we see coughs, colds, snotty noses and lost voices as the autumn starts to seep in with the season's germs - especially now that the children are back together again. I have attached to this email the guidance that we would like to apply to our school in the first instance which link to COVID-19 current symptoms. 


However, the message is very clear. If your child, or anyone in the household displays any one of the three main COVID-19 symptoms


  • high temperature
  • new continuous cough
  • loss or change to taste and smell


you must isolate and test and await the result. If the result is negative and the child does not have the symptoms above they can return to school. 


If the result is positive, please contact the the Station PCT and also the school at the soonest opportunity and we will give you the latest advice on what to do next.


Testing is a bit of a national nightmare at this moment in time however, it is very important to note that tests must be done within the first 5 days of the individual being symptomatic. If you are not able to obtain a test within this time frame, the whole household will need to isolate for 14 days.


In the event of a child being off due to isolating or waiting for a test, we have created some packs of work so that learning is not being missed. If we send a child home from school with COVID-19 symptoms, we will pop a pack of work in their bag.


If you call in to say your child will not be coming to school, we will leave a pack in the lobby for a friend or neighbour to collect on your behalf. 


Protective Measures


Measures that we have in place across the school to mitigate the speed of the COVID-19 Virus are:


  • Children are in class bubbles and they share resources in that bubble amongst themselves only.
  • Children play in their class bubbles in an area designated for their bubble and have equipment that only they use. The children are VERY good at not crossing into another designated area.
  • Children have their hands sanitised at many points during the day and wash their hands after visiting the toilet and before they eat.
  • An enhanced cleaning schedule for each class has been put in place which includes tables and chairs being wiped during the school day
  • Staggered starts and finishes to the school day as well as staggered lunch and playtimes
  • Children eat in the hall with 2 other bubbles but they are not in close contact as each bubble is 2m away from another with tables and benches thoroughly cleaned before the next group comes in
  • Parents and non-regular visitors must wear masks when entering the school building