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Our Learning Environment

Although we have 2 separate registration classes, we will usually work as a unit. Sometimes we will do actives as a whole group and sometimes we will do activities in small groups. You will be able to choose which areas you would like to visit each day. We will let you know which areas will be open for learning each morning and afternoon session. These areas are interchangeable and we will use all areas to develop  key skills in Mathematics, Literacy and fine-motor development.



Maths Area

In this area you will be able to explore numbers and develop important number skills such as counting, counting on and back, subitising, recognising number patterns and problem solving. We also have loads of fun games to play.

Literacy Area

In this area, you will be able to develop you reading and writing skills through fun and exciting games and activities. We have exciting ‘messaging centres’ where you can write or draw pictures for your friends and families. There are a range of different writing tools to help you develop this very important skill.

Creative and Messy Play Areas

You will be able to let out your imaginative and crazy ideas though junk modelling, painting, playdough modelling, water and sand play and other exciting mediums such as foam! You will be able to take your creations home with you but depending on the type of materials used they may need to spend time in quarantine (2 days) before you can take them home

Story World Area

Our cosy reading area has a comfy sofa where you can share your favourite story with a friend or just enjoy some quiet time on your own. You will be able to choose a book from our classroom library to take home to share with your family once a week. It will then go into ‘quarantine’(2 days) before it goes back on the shelf again for others to enjoy. You will be able to develop your amazing story telling skills using our puppet theatre and story spoons or puppets. There are even tickets you can make to sell to your friends for your performance!

Construction Area

Our construction area allows you to build anything your heart desires. As long as it can fit in the building of course! There are different types of wooden building blocks to use and we have a variety of Lego sets available for you to let your imagination run wild. You could even have a go at building a house with straws. Sadly, you won’t be able to take your creations home as we would run out of building bricks but we can take a photo of your model to take home and put it in your Learning journey as a record.

Investigation Area

We will have a myriad of exciting things for you to explore and investigate. You can look for dinosaur bones in sand or look at a snake skin through a microscope. We have magnets which can move cars or maybe you would like to try working out how a tap works. Whatever interest you, you can tinker way for as long as you like while our investigation area is open.

Small World Area

In this area you will be able to find you favourites. Maybe you would like to find your favourite creatures to make a zoo or maybe you’d like to find your favourite cars to make a race track. You will be able to create stories using the amazing doll’s house or build your own little city using all the interesting objects you can find. You will be able to record what you have created using the ipads. You can either take a picture or a video and we can show that to your friends and family on our website.

Outdoor Area

We have a wonderful and exciting outdoor are which we will explore every day and use as our outdoor classroom to engage in practical literacy and mathematical activities. We have loads of opportunities for you to develop your gross-motor skills through digging in the sand or gravel pits or planting flowers in the flower beds. We have bikes, trikes and scooters for those who like to zoom around and we have blocks, crates and planks to create an obstacle course for the more adventurous climbers. There will not only be water play activities but you will be able to get muddy in the fabulous mud kitchen where you can create a delicious scented soup or some fairy potions to help elephants fly!