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Term 2 'its a celebration'

Term Two - 'its a clelebration'
Our topic this term is called ‘It’s a celebration’
During this topic we will be learning -
About different celebrations from various religions
How do we celebrate?
How do others celebrate?
What celebrations are important to us and to others?
If you know any thing about Diawali, Thanksgiving, Advent, Hanikah or Christmas we would love you to share with us
In Literacy this term, we will be learning to;
Recounts – We will be looking at various recounts and identifying the features, such as written in first person, time connective words and written in time order
Traditional tales – As our topic is ‘It’s a celebration’ we will be comparing familiar tradition tales such as the three little pigs to unfamiliar stores such as the Diwali story. The children will be learning about the different features of story writing such as characters, settings, story language and plots
In Maths this term, we will be learning to;
Measuring and comparing – We will be measuring and comparing various objects both in and out of the class room. Children we learning vocabulary such as bigger, smaller, larger, heavier and lighter.
We will also be continuing with calculations. Involving number recognition and addition.
Each day children will be taking part in a minute maths challenge. This will consist of maths handwriting, calculations and addition 
Other activities that we are doing this term are:
Road safety - week 3
Christmas performance in the church
Both classes will be having show and tell every Tuesday afternoon. If children would like to bring in ‘topic’ related objects they are more than welcome. We do ask that children do not bring in any toys or other show and tell items on any other day thank you.