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Spring Term 2- Exploring Under The Earth

We will all be Rock Stars by the end of this term as in Science we are learning about the three different types of rocks- Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous. We will be investigating their properties and how they are formed. We will even be replicating the rock cycle using chocolate!


During our Geography lessons, we will explore what you find underground (linking in with Science), learn how volcanoes are formed, explain how volcanoes erupt and have a go at making our own volcano! Puma Class will discover more about earthquakes and how they are measured.


We are also finding out about the Stone age- we will try to recreate some Stone Age art and order some events from this period chronologically.


Don’t forget our exciting trip to the Natural History Museum for some hands on experience with rocks, and a fantastic workshop which also includes chocolate!!


As well as all this excitement, Puma Class is also going to be performing in an Easter Play with the Year 4 children this term. Look out for performance dates closer to the end of term.

frown Puma Class had a great hands-on science lesson today- replicating the rock cycle with chocolate !! Everyone was very excited and learnt a lot about how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. no 


Click on the link below to look at the photos .