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Our Curriculum

How do we plan the curriculum?
At RAF Benson Primary we like children to have ownership of their curriculum and we ensure that within the boundaries of the National Curriculum, the children have a curriculum that is planned around their needs and interests.

At the end of each year, children are asked what topics they would like to learn during the new school year. The class teacher takes these ideas and moulds them with the New National Curriculum to provide an exciting and dynamic plan of learning experiences for the year ahead.

What about children who come to us during the year?
We are very mindful that children arrive to us from other schools where they may have already learnt about a particular aspect. In this situation, children are asked what they already know and what else they would like to learn allowing time to be well spent and learning time not wasted risking children becoming disengaged. Learning is relevant and fun at all times!


Beyond the National Curriculum
As part of our wider curriculum we teach personal, social and health education which plans to equip our children to be outstanding citizens of the future. We want children to leave our school as resilient learners passionate and determined to achieve their dreams and aspirations, therefore the sessions follow three themes:

  • Learning to learn - focusses on how we learn and what makes a a good learner including strategies such as growth mindset
  • being a responsible citizen - learning about key values and living as part of a bigger society including anti-bullying and internet safety
  • Health and well-being - learning about looking after ourselves and others including (where appropriate) smoking, drugs education and sex and relationships education.


Children across the school also experience Forest School - see our Forest School page here:

Whole School Curriculum Plan for 2022 - 2023

Below is our annual curriculum overview for each year group for each topic (T) including the topic outcome (O). This overview can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

At the start of each term, each class teacher will issue a Topic Web which gives more detail about what will be taught within each topic and a Knowledge Organiser detailing the key information that we are expecting children to learn and retain for the topic. Copies of these can be found on each class webpage found in the 'Children' section of our website.