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Term 1 'Growing Green'

In English this term, we will be learning about:
  • Labels and Captions- Initially we will be using our phonics to write single word or multiword labels and captions for the classroom.
  • Stories from familiar settings – as our topic is ‘Growing green’ we will be looking at stories from setting we all know and love that link to our topic. Such as Percy the park keeper, the enormous turnip, Peter rabbit and many more. We will use these settings for sharing and creating stories of lour own.


In Maths this term, we will be learning to;
  • Consolidate our counting up to 20
  • Consolidate our number recognition and formation
  • Use practical equipment to add 2 numbers of objects together.
  • Putting numbers into order.
  • Taking turns and learning rules for maths games.
In our topic sessions:
Children showed a particular interest in the nature and growing things.
During this topic we will be learning about;
How to grow and look after plants
Nature within our immediate area widening to different countries
Some questions that the children will be answering:
What does a plant need to survive?
What do animals need to survive?
What is living and non-living?

Other activities that we are doing this term are:
Walks around the immediate area, so please look out for and letters in your child’s book bag.