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Ice Cream!

This week we made fabulous Ice Cream - did you know that Ice Cream originated from China? 


We split up into two groups and everyone had a turn at mixing the delicious mixture. 



600ml Double cream

250g Caster sugar

6 Eggs, separated 

1/2-1 Teaspoon pure vanilla extract

3 Large bowls



Prep 10 min > Extra time: 1 day freezing > Ready in: 1 day 10 mins

1. 1st bowl: Whip egg whites until stiff.

2. 2nd bowl: Whip cream with Vanilla until stiff.

3. 3rd bowl: Beat egg yolks with sugar until creamy.

4.Add egg yolks mixture to cream mixture and beat again. 

5. Fold in egg whites and freeze in suitable container for one day. 



Sounds easy right! :)

One group made their ice cream vanilla flavoured and one group made their ice cream salted caramel flavoured.


We took the opportunity to write some more detailed instructions. Please have a look at the work we did below!