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Summer 1 - We are Scientists



This term we are going to be focusing on our Science Skills. 


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What does a Scientist look like?

During our learning we will discover that not all scientists wear white lab coats and mix potions! We will be finding out about a range of famous scientists throughout history and how they helped shape the world. We will learn about important discoveries and inventions and decide which we think were the most important.


We will be developing our scientific skills throughout the term, as we will carry out different experiments and investigations. We will think about questions and find ways to answer them by making careful observations. 




Green fingers at the ready!

Alongside our Science work we are going to be spending a lot of time in our Year 2 garden, planting bulbs, observing and recording their growth. 


In Art we are going to be using natural resources to create some interesting pieces of art, including charcoal, sticks, leaves and flowers.