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A Journey Through Space

This term, we will be using the book 'War of the Worlds' by Russell Punter to develop our reading skills:


In Science, we will focus on space. First, we will learn about the movement of the planets relative to the Sun in the solar system. Then, we will focus on the movement of the Moon in relation to the Earth. Afterwards, we will be discussing how the Earth’s rotation causes day and night and investigating why our shadows change in length.


In Geography, we will be identifying the position and significance of latitude, longitude, the Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Then, we will be using digital mapping to locate the countries in Europe.


In D.T., we will be making space buggies. We will start by evaluating existing ones. Then, we will develop our own ideas of their shape. We will move onto discussing the components and materials we will need to make them. Finally, we will make them and evaluate the process.