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Autumn Term 1 - What a Wonderful World!

What a Wonderful World!


Welcome to our first term in Year 2.

This may be a slightly strange term, as we adapt to changes in our routine due to COVID, however we have lots of fun activities to ensure we continue to enjoy our learning.


Our focus this term is going to be on art, science and geography. We will be looking at what makes our world so special, including animals and our environment. We will be celebrating these and other wonders of the world, by creating bright, colourful paintings in the style of this term’s artist – Heather Galler. Here are some examples of her work:





In science we are going to learn more about animals and the environment, including life cycles, food chains and habitats. We are even going to have some surprise visitors to help us with our learning!


We will then be developing our knowledge of the world by learning the names of the different continents and the World's oceans. We are also going to find out what features an island has before we design our very own desert island, complete with its own habitat and inhabitants!

Our EGGSiting Visitors!!

This week we received some chick eggs to help us learn about animal life cycles. We will be completing a chick diary to see how they develop as they hatch and grow over the next couple of weeks.


DAY 1:



DAY2: Small cracks are starting to appear!!


DAY 3: The arrivals begin! We came into this...

...and by the end of the day moved some to the brooding box...

...while the newbies warmed up in the incubator.


video 1.mp4

Still image for this video

video 2.mp4

Still image for this video

DAY 4: More new arrivals in the night means we have nine hatched chicks. 

It's hard work being this cute though!!

DAY 5: The chicks went home with Miss Galvin for the weekend. They had no problem settling in!

The final chick needed a little help to hatch and was a bit poorly, but enjoyed getting extra cuddles and sugar water to help it feel better.

DAY 6: We're getting bigger!!

DAY 7: We are growing very quickly and are almost double the size we were on Friday!

DAY 8: Our feathers are coming through on our wings now!