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Chinook - Year 6

Welcome to Term 5 in Year 6!
Our topic this term is called Dinosaurs
During this topic we will be learning:
  • Learn some of the ways in which animals living in prehistoric times and animals today make use of their specialized body parts
  • Learn about ecosystems to find the right ecosystem for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • To gain a better understanding of what fossils are and how to make our own fossils.  They will also identify dinosaurs and their babies.
  • Learn how to answer questions related to an organism's structural and/or anatomical design.
  • Learn how palaeontologists piece together evidence to learn about events and animals from the past.
  • Learn that discoveries about dinosaurs have a long history and that each palaeontologist adds his or her work to a body of fossil evidence used to support theories about dinosaurs.

For details of the Maths and English work we are covering this term please see the curriculum brochure for Term Five at the bottom of this page.