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What is in the News?

What is in the News?


Our topic for this term is What is in the News? This will be split into two themes; refugees and plastic pollution.

When learning about refugees we will investigate what being a refugee means and what causes people to become refugees. We will also explore the meaning of home, what a refugee camp is and some of the stories from children who live in them. 

During our topic on plastic pollution, we will look at the importance of the oceans and how they sustain life around the world. We will investigate the impact plastic has on wildlife in the ocean and ways we can recycle and reduce our use of it.

Design Technology

In Design Technology this term we will be designing and making bird feeders from recycled materials. As part of this process we will look at significant designers who use plastic in their work and evaluate existing designs. We will write our own design specifications and use this to create working designs. Finally, we will use a range of tools to build feeder of our own which we will then evaluate against our specifications.